Monday, 4 May 2015

Spoilers - Maisie Williams filming alongside Peter Capaldi

 The Mirror has put up some spoiler pictures

It appears Maisie hasn’t given up her tough girl attitude in the guest starring role where she appears to be a bandit robbing a stagecoach which just happens to hold, you guessed it, the Doctor.

The actress, who was announced as a guest star in March , has so far kept her role under wraps and despite being quizzed about her character on numerous occasions, she has managed to keep it secret.

She previously told Alan Carr: "There's been a lot of speculation about whether she's like a younger Clara or whether she is a new character completely," she said. "I'm not going to tell you which one.
"Whether she is good or bad is up for discussion, I think. She does put the Doctor to the test and it's sort of a dynamic that we haven't seen before."

And talking about being part of such an iconic series, she said; "It's wonderful. The set's amazing.

"I'm used to being part of Game of Thrones and going into something where you're a small part of something else. You don't want to hold anything up because they've got such a well-oiled machine going.
"Everyone is so accommodating and lovely and happy to have me. There's no rivalry that I thought there would be - 'You're from Game of Thrones' and I'm like, 'You're from Doctor Who'. They're really lovely."

More details and a video over at The Mirror

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