Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Social media campaign brings TARDIS to the parks

Something strange is traveling around Medina County parks. This big, blue police box is called the TARDIS – a spaceship from British television series Doctor Who – and it’s definitely out of the ordinary.
The TARDIS has landed in the parks as part of a social media campaign put on by the Medina County Park District. All that is required for a Doctor-like adventure is to journey through the parks in an attempt to locate the box.

TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. This time-traveling spaceship, disguised as a 1960s British police box, first made its television debut in 1963 when Doctor Who was introduced to the British Broadcasting Corporation. It’s a science fiction show about an alien who appears human, calls himself the Doctor and travels through time and space along with seemingly-common human companions, protecting the Earth with a sonic screwdriver and some quick thinking.

If lucky enough to discover the TARDIS, locals can take a picture and tag it on Instagram with #tardisinthepark, as part of the campaign started by the district’s Interpretive Services Manager, Shelley Tender.

“The idea for #tardisinthepark stemmed from a conversation I had with my son Jacob, who is a Doctor Who fan,” Tender said. “The conversation went on, and the idea to construct one and hide it in the park came into being. He was my inspiration and my staff made it a reality with their creative skills. They designed and constructed the entire thing."

The TARDIS will move parks every month from now until October. Using the tag #tardisinthepark can help others find their way to the iconic blue box.
“We really hope this will bring some awareness of what a valuable resource Medina County parks are to some of our younger county residents,” Tender said.

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