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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wednesdays Whovian Roundup (22nd February)

Doctor Who Dalek Invasion by Bungle0
Whovian Miscellany Nearly 10,000 Doctor Who fans sign petition to save Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience REMASTERED: Doctor Who - A Town Called Mercy, Silent Movie Style Could Miss Quill be the first female Doctor Who?, Katherine Kelly, The Michael Ball Show - BBC Radio 2 Why did The Doctor run away from Gallifrey? Doctor Who: David Tennant says Broadchurch boss was 'only choice' to replace Steven Moffat Hello Tweetie... (21st February) The Third Doctor Concludes with a Moment of Charm Whovian Events Colin Baker and Michael Jayston Interview A Report From Gallifrey One Michael Jayston Interview Doctor Who legend confirmed for Liverpool Comic Con line-up Andrew Cartmel Interview Gallifrey One - 28 Years Later - 2017 Event Whovian Reviews 33 - Death to the Daleks Doctor Who News - Review - The Fourth Doctor Adventures - Series 6, Episode 2 - The Eternal Battle Blast from the Past EPIC Doctor Who Theme (Orchestral Cover) WhoPods Extra! - Gallifrey One Love Gallifrey Stands -Ep150- SF Ball 23 Part 3: Terry Molloy Episode #333 C052 Doctor Who and The Silurians | Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast - 'The Fires of Pompeii' Gallifrey Public Radio: A Doctor Who Podcast Outside the TARDIS David Tennant: Broadchurch secrecy "drove me mad" Little Shop 10th Doctor: Electronic Tardis Playset Doctor Who: T is for TARDIS Hardcover

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