Thursday, 26 May 2016

Doctor Who Magazine Number 500 - Out Now

Doctor Who Magazine #500 Cover

Doctor Who Magazine, the official publication of the hit television series, celebrates 500 editions with its biggest issue ever, on sale from 26th May 2016.

The magazine began life as Doctor Who Weekly in October 1979, before becoming a monthly publication the following year. Contributors have included Doctor Who’s head writers Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies, and the title has interviewed every Doctor and companion to appear in the TV series over the years.

The Doctor himself – actor PETER CAPALDI – is interviewed in the issue and says:
“When I was growing up, the same publications would print the same pictures over and over again. But then suddenly Doctor Who Magazine will produce something from the 60s that you’ve never seen. To me, that’s magic.”
Of its readers, Peter tells DWM, “The magazine caters to a whole range of ages and interests, and so many of your readers are so creative. It’s one of the things I love about Doctor Who, that it stimulates creativity in people.
They may go off and become writers, or actors, or artists – and the magazine is part of that. As an examination of the nature of television production, it gives people a clear idea about the processes involved, both now and historically. You have very clever, very detailed articles for those who are of a scholarly bent…
But also Doctor Who Magazine has a great artistic flavour to it. It’s about endeavour.”

Highlights of issue 500 include:
  • A message to DWM readers from the Doctor’s new companion, actress Pearl Mackie.
  • A letter from the Doctor himself!
  • Fourth Doctor Tom Baker recalls the launch of DWM nearly 37 years ago in the first part of his self-proclaimed ‘last ever interview’.
  • Peter Capaldi takes part in an exclusive photoshoot, recreating the cover for the very first issue, and explains how Doctor Who Magazine helped inform his portrayal of the Doctor.  
  • In an extensive interview, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat talks candidly about why he’s decided that the next series will be his last, and reveals some details about the Doctor’s new companion.
  • Writer Jonathan Morris takes a look back at how DWM has changed from its first issue, noting all the highs and lows along the way.
  • A very special 20-page celebratory comic strip featuring the return of Maxwell Edison: The Stockbridge Showdown by Scott Gray, drawn by a host of guest artists including Dave Gibbons, John Ridgway, Dan McDaid, Roger Langridge, Adrian Salmon, John Ross, Martin Geraghty, David A Roach and Mike Collins.
  • Back in 2001, four years before Doctor Who returned to TV, Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman pitched their own version of the series to the BBC. For the first time, find out details of exactly what was planned, and see what graphic designer Bernard Lodge – creator of the iconic Doctor Who title sequences of the 1960s and 70s – would do with the show’s titles today.
  • Peter Capaldi answers questions once put to the First Doctor, William Hartnell in a special ‘joint interview’!
  • Gain a fascinating new insight into The Day of the Doctor, voted DWM readers’ all-time favourite Doctor Who story, in The Fact of Fiction.
  • Full-page strips from the strange minds of Tim Quinn & Dicky Howett and Lew Stringer.
  • A countdown of the Top 20 moments from the history of DWM’s comic strip.
  • Behind the scenes of the Doctor Who mobile game Legacy – now featuring DWM characters Abslom Daak, Shayde and Frobisher!
  • Author Jacqueline Rayner gets nostalgic in her regular column Relative Dimensions.
  • Competitions to win HUGE prizes including hundreds of pounds’ worth of DVDs, Blu-rays, and audios, and a visit to see a Doctor Who audio drama being recorded!
  • A BONUS 116-PAGE MAGAZINE looking back at the history of DWM, featuring every single cover, an introduction by Russell T Davies and commentary from the many editors who have steered the magazine over the years.
  • The first in a series of collectable art cards, inspired by The Iron Legion, DWM’s first-ever comic strip.
  • A massive double-sided poster featuring alternative versions of DWM 500’s cover.
  • Plus a sticker sheet, a prize-winning quiz, News, Reviews, Coming Soon, the Watcher and LOTS of surprises!
DWM 500 is on sale in WHSmith, newsagents and and supermarkets from 26 May 2016, priced £9.99. A digital version is also available from on 26 May, priced £6.99.
Issue Number: 500
Price: £9.99
On sale: Thursday 26 May 2016

Doctor Who Adventures Number 15 - Out Now

Doctor Who Adventures #15

Doctor Who Magazine is 500 issues old this month and we know the perfect way to celebrate… with a copy of Doctor Who Adventures! Don’t let DWM’s little sister feel left out, get your copy today!

Rik Hoskin, Russ Leach and John Burns bring you a chilling tale from the planet Eed’n, where a particularly virulent form of plant life is planning to spread its seeds across the universe!
How are your botanical skills? We brush up on some of the other plant-based creatures the Doctor has crossed stems with over the years!
Tired of people rummaging through your stuff? Ashildr shows you how to make your own formidable Mire Room Guard! Get ready to unleash unlimited power on any unwanted snoopers!
And carrying on from this issue’s make we give you the lowdown on the Mire, one of the most feared warrior races in the universe!
More craziness from Grant Perkins as Strax goes undercover on a shopping trip!
The Paternoster Gang investigate the Terror of the Thames in a stunning tale from Tommy Donbavand!
Doctor Who Adventures #15 – All New Action! All New Adventures!
Issue Number: 15
Price: £3.99
Covermounted Gift: Free set of fantastic free monsters magnets!
On sale: Thursday 26th May, 2016

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

News from the Doctor Who Experience

Welcome Bill! 
To celebrate the announcement of the Doctor's new companion, between Saturday 28th May and Saturday 4th June the Doctor Who Experience will be hosting an array of activities and events. From a memorial to the outgoing companion to the arrival of the new companion's costume, read below to find out all the exciting events and activities happening during this time. #BeTheCompanion
JUST LANDED! Bill's Costume
In an exclusive clip from a future episode, it was announced that Pearl Mackie would play the Doctor’s new companion, Bill. 
Bill's costume from this clip will be displayed for a limited time. See it now before it vanishes into the future from early June!

Find out more
Bills costume

Clara's TARDIS Memorial
For a limited time only, see Clara’s TARDIS Memorial from Series 9’s Face the Raven. See up close the screen-used TARDIS with beautifully detailed floral street art in memory of ‘The Impossible Girl’. 
Find out more
Clara's TARDIS Memorial
Davros Image
Classic Who Restoration: Davros
To coincide with Davros' return to our screens in Series 9, we delved into our archives to find the original screen-used Davros from 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks. With the help of Mike Tucker (visual and model effects), hear again the story of this iconic character's restoration including how one of the earliest Davros head casts was unearthed!  
Find out more
Zygons are amongst us!
Experience your own Zygon Inversion as the experts behind Doctor Who’s creature effects -Millennium FX - join us to part transform visitors into the shape shifting aliens on Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June.
Find out more Doctor Who Experience news
Calling all cosplayers!
Visiting the Doctor Who Experience during half term week? To celebrate Companion Week, we want you to cosplay as your favourite Doctor's companion!

Don't forget to send us your photos on Twitter @DW_Experience, with the hashtag #BeTheCompanion. We'll be retweeting our favourites! 

SHOP: New Arrivals
New Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
New Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Image
See the screen-used original in our exhibition, then get your replica in store!
First seen in the Series 9 episode Hell Bent, the Doctor’s newly reconfigured Sonic Screwdriver will be on sale in the official Doctor Who Experience Shop from Saturday 4th June
Brand new Doctors' Costume
T-shirt Range
Doctors' Costume T-shirt Range Image
Available in-store now, the Tenth and Twelfth Doctor costume t-shirt range has been expanded to feature the Fourth, Eighth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor!
Which Doctor's t-shirt will you choose?
Did you know? Companion Fact
Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) was completely ignorant of The Battle of Canary Wharf because she was on holiday scuba diving when it happened!

Donna Noble Image
Tickets Available Here