Wednesday, 7 September 2016

More Torchwood from Big Finish

From early next year, there's a fresh run of adventures for the Torchwood teams... 

Starting back in September 2015, Big Finish's Torchwood range has proved hugely popular, with its wealth of witty, emotional scripts and familiar faces from the acclaimed Doctor Who spin-off.

The range continues in March 2017 for six more stories, with producer and writer James Goss giving us an exclusive sneak peek:

"The first release features the return of Nerys Hughes as Rhys's mum in Visiting Hours by David Llewellyn. Coming up after that is The Dollhouse by Juno Dawson, which is ridiculously inventive. She dares to show a glimpse of life at Torchwood LA in the 1970s, and it's magnificent - we're hoping to spend some of the next few releases showing different aspects of Torchwood through the ages, and The Dollhouse is a great place to start. That doesn't mean we won't be keeping the regulars busy - Ianto's going to have a tough time, Gwen's on a road to nowhere, and someone finally dares to say 'No' to Captain Jack."

Each of the new Torchwood stories can be bought for £7.99 on Download, or £9.99 on CD (which unlocks a digital version for free on release), while a subscription collects all six new tales together at a very special pre-release price of £40 on Download and £45 on CD (both going up by £5 at the end of March). The first 12 stories in this thrilling range are all still available on CD and Download, either individually or in collected value bundles.

Check out some of our other Torchwood titles, including the recently-announced anniversary special Torchwood - The Torchwood Archive and Torchwood - Outbreak in November, with a brand new trailer below:

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