Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Eve Myles: I would love to bring back Torchwood to TV

Torchwood fans, rejoice! Well, maybe. A month after John Barrowman announced he was on a mission to bring the Doctor Who spin-off back to screens, Eve Myles has also spoken of how much she has loved returning to her character Gwen Cooper.

When asked by RadioTimes.com if we’d get more Torchwood on TV, the actor said, “If I did I couldn’t possibly say... because of the consequences.” Well, a true Torchwood agent wouldn’t give up the secret that easily, would they?

However, Myles did divulge how much she has loved taking part in the recently completed audio plays: “They’ve been amazing…We’ve had an astonishing response to them. But then again the fans of Torchwood have been loyal since day one – they’ve been amazing!

“[The audio plays] keeps the fans alive with brilliant storylines and keeps bringing the characters back – even those that have passed away in the series. It’s Torchwood; you can do anything with it! It can be audio, it can be film, it can be TV, that's kind of what they're doing. To still be playing Gwen Cooper after all this time is a treat!”

So, would Myles reprise Gwen in a new Torchwood TV series? “Of course I would!” she said. “I mean, when do you get the chance to play Gwen Cooper as an actor? It’s a gift from Russell T Davies to me, which I’m very honoured about.”

And will she return as Broadchurch’s baddie in series three? “I cannot say anything, sorry!” Myles told us with another big grin.

Until we wait for confirmation, you can catch Myles in new ITV period drama Victoria, where she’ll be starring alongside former Doctor Who assistant Jenna Coleman.

Speaking to us at the show’s rep carpet premiere, Myles, who will play Queen Victoria’s senior dresser, said her favourite moment on the show wasn’t acting alongside Coleman, but seeing the gigantic set for the first time: “We walked in and there it was – they’d built Buckingham Palace! It was incredible!”

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