Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tuesdays Whovian Roundup (31st January)

12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) by Butters101
So-long Doctor Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who - Doctor Who: The Fan Show "I've met most of the Doctors - few have radiated 'benevolent alien passing through' like Peter Capaldi" As Peter Capaldi departs Doctor Who, 11 things you always hear when a Doctor leaves Who's Next - The speculation begins The Doctor Who contenders following Peter Capaldi's departure The Odd(s) Doctor Who should play the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who? New Doctor Who boss Chris Chibnall will lead the hunt for Peter Capaldi's replacement Billie Piper rules herself out of replacing Peter Capaldi and spills the beans on who she wants to be the new Time Lord Series Ten News Mark Gatiss Welcomes Back Ssssome Old Friends | Doctor Who The Ice Warriors returning to Doctor Who Series 10 Whovian Miscellany Doctor Who Series 10 airdate announced Peter Capaldi was a CLASSIC Time Lord but the time's right for him to leave Doctor Who Whovian Reviews Revisiting DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS Doctor Who - Eldrad Must Die The Verbiage of Peladon Doctor Who: The Virgin Novels #37 - Falls The Shadow by Daniel O'Mahony DOCTOR WHO's 'Power of the Daleks' DVD is a Complete Picture | Nerdist Big Finish's latest 'Doctor Who' audio stories reviewed: January 2017 round-up Whovian Events Doctor Who's Queer Now? - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News Blast from the past Doctor Who's who: interview with Dalek creator Terry Nation - archive, 1966 Class Report Class Ratings Update Little Shop Doctor Who Main Range: 220 - Quicksilver (Audio CD) Doctor Who Main Range - 219 Absolute Power (Audio CD) Doctor Who - The Early Adventures: 3.4 the Sontarans (Audio CD) Doctor Who: The Companion's Companion (Hardcover)

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