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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Forbidden Planet's 'Black Friday' Whovian Bargains

It is time to grab a bargain in the Forbidden Planet Black Friday Sale!

From Friday 25th to Monday 28th November, all of our stores will have a host of great bargains with many prices below half price.

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The full sale details can be found here

Thursdays Whovian Extras (24th November)

I can save you by seventhdemigod
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Billie Piper's role in Doctor Who "changed everything" for her

The 34-year-old actress starred as the Time Lord's assistant Rose Tyler from 2005 to 2013, opposite David Tennant as the Doctor.

While the programme led to a huge revival in Billie's career, it also had its downsides - namely that she couldn't go out without being recognised again.

"It makes you so famous, a show like that," Billie told the Evening Standard's ES Magazine. "It gave me little memories of being a popstar - you can't go anywhere without it being a thing, and I found that quite hard again. But it changed everything for me. And I have never worked with a nicer bunch of people in my life since."

Prior to her role in Doctor Who, Billie had enjoyed huge success with her classic smash hit Because We Want To. The track made Billie the youngest singer to ever debut in the U.K.'s number one chart position, but the mother-of-two admits she remembers little of those days in her life.

"What's even more alarming is that I can't even remember (those years)," Billie explained. "It wasn't like I was out, getting wrecked.

"It was because I must have just shut it out. Which is probably because it was on some level deeply traumatic. Not because I was some horrible child slave, I just worked so hard. I have never worked as hard as I did in those years."

As well as Doctor Who, Billie has appeared in television shows such as Penny Dreadful and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. In the latter, she played an escort called Belle, and the programme led to her being inundated with work offers which involved her stripping off.

"What's annoying is that they are fun roles, if you can remove the sex," she explained. "It's the sex that makes it annoying. Otherwise they are interesting stories, interesting women with chequered pasts."

Via the Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Doctor Who Insider - The Return of Doctor Mysterio

"We've made one of those movies that you love to see again and again and again at Christmas time."

This Christmas on BBC AMERICA, the Doctor teams up with a comic-book superhero in New York for a heroic special written by Steven Moffat, titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

The hit BBCA series will return on Christmas day as the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, teams up with an investigative journalist, played by Charity Wakefield (Wolf Hall, The Player) and a superhero to save New York from a deadly alien threat.

Wednesdays Whovian Birthday Extras (23rd November)

Doctor Who? by SimmonBeresford

Happy Birthday Doctor Who now in it's 53rd year...

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Happy Birthday Tweetie... (23rd November)

Monday, 21 November 2016

Mondays Whovian Extras (21st November)

'invasion of earth' II by gazzatrek
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Class Report for Detained - Episode Six

A selection of reactions, reviews and extras for the sixth episode of the Doctor Who spin-off 'Class', needless to say this contains spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

The whole gang is thrown into detention by Miss Quill. Locked in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them out of space and time: trapped, claustrophobic and floating in blackness with no way of escape.

Although a mysterious asteroid fragment may be their key to freedom, it forces the gang to confess their deepest, darkest secrets to one another. As ugly truths come out, fractures start to appear in the friendship group.

And then they make a chilling discovery. They're not alone. There's somebody in there with them.

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