Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesdays Whovian Extras (1st November)

Doctor Who/Hobbit by KooBearBlog
From the Whoniverse David Tennant's Doctor Who cast gloriously reunited at Comic Con Doctor Who Pinball - Pinball Arcade Celebrating 50 Years of the Second Doctor Good Times! #8 PanoptiCon 8 1987 and Nebula 26 1989

Doctor Who's Companion Comes to Scarborough

Sci-Fi Scarborough has confirmed that Sophie Aldred will be appearing at the popular event on Saturday 8th April, and is returning to reunite with Sylvester McCoy for what is shaping up to be a very special SatWhoDay guest line up.

'Doctor Who': The Ten Scariest Episodes

'Doctor Who' is a series that has a long history of dabbling with the horror genre. Whether it's for a single episode or the years long tenure of a given showrunner, the show established it's reputation very early on as something you'd watch with one hand over your eyes.
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