Friday, 14 October 2016

Michelle Gomez Confirms Return To 'Doctor Who' For Series 10

Fans of long-running BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who can rest easy in the knowledge that beloved villain Missy, played by Michelle Gomez, will return for 2017's tenth revival series.

Gomez confirmed her inclusion in the show's next season, set to air around April next year, in an interview with The Music Brisbane editor Mitch Knox ahead of her visit to Australia for the upcoming Adelaide and Brisbane legs of Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

"Weirdly, this is the sort of crunch week where I get to find out exactly what I'm going to be doing next," she told The Music. "I can officially say that I will be starting back on Doctor Who soon, so that's one thing."

Gomez last appeared in the role as Missy — short for The Mistress, a female incarnation of the Doctor's long-time arch-enemy, the Master — in episodes one and two of series nine, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar.

It turns out we're lucky to be welcoming her, with the renowned screen star — who last year further widened her theatrically evil horizons with a two-episode stint on Fox's Gotham as underworld figure The Lady — keeping a packed calendar for the next several months, along with her imminent return to Doctor Who.

"There’s a few things, but at the moment they’re all just kind of balls in the air … There’s something else that I’ve created and looks like it’s hopefully going to be out there in production at some point soon," she said. "And then, yeah, coming to you guys. I can’t really see past that — that sort of takes me up to next summer, really ... I’m good for a while."

Hopefully, that may include a return to the Gotham-verse too, especially since Gomez not only enjoyed her time on set ("It was really fun," she says) but seems to have made a good impression on the show's writers too, who apparently changed their plans for her character at some stage between inception and realisation.

"Apparently they were gonna kill me," Gomez told The Music. "Originally they were gonna kill me off, and they haven't, so I'm hoping that I turn up there again soon."

The Music's full interview piece with Michelle Gomez will be published in the coming days.

Doctor Who's Christmas Special is set to air on 25 December, returning for its 10th season in 2017.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo will be held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11-13 November, and Adelaide Showground from 18-20 November.

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